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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Ne cherchez pas la qualité dans la production, ne la cherchez pas non plus dans le chant, ni dans la technique, en fait, ne cherchez rien et profitez de l'ambiance en regardant la pochette. Favorite track: Voidbound.
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Rhokeheart Superb psychedelic doom metal. Favorite track: Voidbound.
Divine Mother Recordings
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Divine Mother Recordings So fucking good! Favorite track: Voidbound.
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Bucky Say "Bloodmoon Voidbound" repeatedly fast, over and over 7 times while looking in a mirror with the lights off. Nothing happens. Just listen and enjoy. Favorite track: The Singing Flame.
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DHU RECORDS Tremendous release from this versatile trio and hypnoticly heavy as fuck! Mastered by non other than the great Billy Anderson, get some!
Stephen thumbnail
Stephen This is one of the best releases i've heard within heavy music in a while. Some serious Neurosis and Floor worship going on here.
The drums are really technical (but not overdone) and good. The vocals are dark and beautiful at the same time. The guitar riffs are very memorable with a quality unique tone. The bass is very sludgy which mixes well in this sound. Less than 24 hours after it's inception, and i'm calling Voidbound the best record of the year. So glad this was released! Well done guys. Favorite track: The Singing Flame.
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released October 22, 2013

Jason Goldie: Drums/Vocals
Peter Tomis: Guitar/Vocals
Patrick Mulholland: Bass

Recorded Summer of 2013 by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland CA.
Mixed by Greg Wilkinson
Mastered by Billy Anderson
Artwork by Shelby Ulibarri | www.sruart.com



all rights reserved


Bloodmoon San Luis Obispo, California

Grey Metal.

Peter - Guitar/Vox
Jason - Drums/Vox
Patrick - Bass

Gazing into the void with combined effort since 2010.

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Track Name: Voidbound
Signs all over. Signs telling me its over. Signs fall heavy as stone from the sky.

Awaken with the vision of your presence in a dream
Take the path that seems to fit for time grows shorter still
Diving higher, flying down, embracing the unreal
We are but the constructs of an ever turning wheel

The sound shakes all inside. A soothing void of time. The tides turn, you fall.

You break
Shatter the core
It could be
There's no you or me
No where or how
No why right now

Ever looming is the veil
Dare I walk the forgotten trails
Its a fire that holds the bloody design of this time

Behold, the answers you seek
They cannot, not ever solve...

Time stops ticking
The Heart starts beating
Revel in a state of awe

Veil of Sorrow Lifting all the while
Reveals pain was a part of it, not a flaw

Falling through the layers, dimensions behind
Walking among ancient souls and secrets
Keeping guard of creation, no one will know
Thus in due time, cursing those before us

You tore...
Wretched and Broken
My soul...so long mind
A promise unspoken
You foresaw
Putrid and Foul
So long mind...

Seek the truth found within it all
On your way, stay within the grey
Hold the key, clutch it til the end
Failure will bring shame

And when I take a breath I swear it could be my last one
Because the circle's always spinning on
Let go and let empty fill you, take you to your corridors
Find the reasons why
There is a pain that fills the heart, the Backworld
Let me go, find this void
Lies: I had all the world that easy, it's not hard
But better sick than part of lies

You can feel it there, it lurks, devoid of guilt and hollow sorrow

Tore off my soul,(Onward)...wearing it all for everyone.(melt from within, become one, Voidbound)
No one sees why(Pulling)but I saw why...(reaching forth before the gate closes altogether)
No ones sees why, (Grip Tight) tore off my life(don't give up and waste, there's still time)
No one sees why. (Hold Fast) No one, but i saw myself die (you're weighed down by the depths you throw your thoughts into
Torn off (Haunting), Torn off (Melt from within become one voidbound)
Torn off(Pushing), Torn off (Reaching forth but the gate closes any moment)
Track Name: Back World
Soul burns inside the fire. Its all inside the eyes of time, burning through the core. His eyes closed for the fire inside, all inside the soul.

If you have the will to bear the burden, weight is but an imposed limit.
Stifles, all that is not and could well be.
Forward, is the path that hold the secret
Collapse, when you reach its hidden chambers
Regress, back to the beginning of your
Journey, variables shifting under
Wisdom, earned but never gained in this way
Hollow, is the wish to carry into death

She wept for...

Come forth, release the thoughts that protect your horrors
Don't regret, that was the folly of the past tries
Somewhere there is a world to be found, the final stage
Stay strong, the void has brought you through the pain
You seek, the world of truth behind the veil

Noone wants to be the one that has to always bear the burden
Forging black all the things I feel
Building grey the world they left us
This is why I feel so horned and evil, can't live to wait thats the folly in us, I have no time for selfish choices

Sun burns my soul off.
Feasting on your mind.
My soul drifts out.
Failure to deny
into the core. my body falls.
Stand here in the fire
everything i hate.
You've been in denial
Flowing time
Spill your selfish pride
Tides flow and hide
Thriving in the...


This is gone(You stole my eyes)
Forgot(So you could survive)
On and on and on, look forward(You stole my soul, you stole my life)
Let go...

Mother searched the whole house for her child. She was lost, the guiding light, she was alive.

This was altogether flawed.
By burning this city, we dissolve the Back World, willing to die, we could cut these sacrificial ties.
So Alive.
Showered in guilt, horror, nothing to say, why? Let it all go, we could cut these sacrificial bonds
Step up when you're held down dont look for a new lie. After this we could stop this fundamental plight.
So Alone.
So Alive. So Alone.

She was gone, she was lost, left alone, buried under time.
Track Name: The Singing Flame
To become one with the wave that travels, eternally, you will destroy the thoughts that pull you under, breaking free. Introduce yourself to the world beyond your earthly needs, the affected souls will still feel sorrow, every day. To be conscious you must be connected, we all bleed, it's the natural response to turn away in doubt and flee.

But the singing flame still burns so loudly, infinitely. Once you have heard it, it will always beckon til you've seen: Egocentric, Empty, False illusion...Reality. Persevere until you find your own way, I know you will.

Now that you hold the key don't forget, you will see through the lies that prevail, all around, bathed in blood, keeping you from the temple. Even though, some reject, we forget, the temple is a piece of us all. Filled with void, you know these worlds, the cosmos, all of the beyond.

Souls lost in time, Burn my soul away.